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Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to achieving diversity and inclusion.


“Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences”*

On the 26th of September, I had the pleasure to attend ‘Delivering Diversity in Technology’s event organised by and Mortimer Spinks. It was a full day event with 3 types of workshops, two panels, inspiring keynote speakers and networking opportunities. The event finished with the announcement of the most influential woman in UK technology for 2018.
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Agnieszka Kurzawa, COO of Innovation and Integration

Should concerns about mental health put you off starting your own business?

For those of us who have experienced mental health difficulties in the past — and let’s face it, it’s an ever-increasing proportion of the population — the idea of putting ourselves in situations which could challenge good mental health is a scary one. Entrepreneurship is testing, for even the most resilient of us, so does it, and should it, put people who worry about their mental health off of setting out to realise that entrepreneurial dream of theirs?
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Jacquelyn Guderley

That time when I learnt the art of negotiation

I’m often asked for advice by friends and peers on the art of negotiation. Over my many(ahem) years of hiring experience, I’ve become a skilled advocate for the businesses that I’m hiring for, and have been able to hire tonnes of legitimately awesome humans to help towards their mission.
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Ruth Penfold


Susie Ashfield is giving a lightning talk at our YouEqualTech Meet Up hosted at NBC Universal on 4th October 2018. Below Susie give her top 10 tips to Talk Like TED!
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Susie Ashfield

Start up, scale up, go global - a recipe for success!

We were here to discuss starting-up and scaling-up, and how we ensure D&I is at the forefront of a new businesses’ growth. Kayleigh stated that there were “almost 600,000 UK start-ups launched last year – and that lots of them will fail, so tonight we’ll explore what it takes to build and sustainably grow a business that’s truly inclusive”.
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Jack Pearce

A little change goes a long way in FinTech

You've probably seen the news, read the tabloids and heard a lot about lack of diversity in the media recently, and how companies are striving to make their workforce, as well as their brands, more inclusive and diverse.
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Reena Bhatt

Unlocking the power of data for good

Analysing trends to tackle challenges in our businesses and societies isn’t a new idea – however there are now a growing number of tools available to interpret large data sets.
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Dania Lyons

Mental health is invisible

I attended one of Mortimer Spinks’ #YouEqualTech meetup groups @Anaplan to discuss Mental Health in the workplace, and was blown away….
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Dania Lyons

Lessons learned on the journey to Leadership

Last Thursday evening we huddled together - at Huddle, for our third London Women in Tech and Digital meetup. We were there to hear from three, quite frankly inspirational, female Leaders who were happy to share their stories and some of the secrets to their success.
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Kayleigh McHale

Boosting innovation through diversity and inclusion.

Will tomorrow’s global innovations come from doing things the same as we did today? Talking to the same people? Re- hashing the same ideas?
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Charlotte Butler

Developing a business case for D&I

For many of us, a diverse and inclusive workplace is a must for generating creativity, encouraging authenticity and in turn fostering well-being. Not to mention supporting equality, fairness and a socially-aware outlook on the world.
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Charlotte Butler

Interview With: Lola Olaore - A member of the Mayor’s Digital Pioneers network.

Lola is a Technology Analyst for a global consulting firm and is a member of the Mayor’s Digital Pioneers network. She is taking an active role in supporting the Mayor’s Digital Talent programme as she is passionate about inspiring her peers to pursue a career in technology.
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Lola Olaore

Exclusion Hurts: Here’s How To Put Inclusion First

When YouTube originally launched the video upload feature for iOS, upwards of 10% of videos were uploaded upside-down. Developers were baffled. What went wrong? Did users just not know how to record videos correctly?
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Mind Gym


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