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Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to achieving diversity and inclusion.

Rounding up the circular economy...

We were all powered up last week, listening to all the different ways we can work together to achieve a circular economy.

It was so much fun teaming up with Tech for Good and meet so many lovely people with similar values to the YET community. Loved working with you!

Also, huge thanks to Google for Startups Campus for the amazing event space and lovely food. You were fantastic hosts!

What we learned:

Janet Gunter showed us repairing your old electrical products is free and easy with The Restart Project, who arrange fixing events, community forums and online tools to change the way the economy works. For those who’d like to get involved in London with repair and data work, you can also find The Restart Project on Meetup. There is also a dedicated Meetup for women who would like to repair and get technical.

Gauri Kangai showcased the work of businesses that are making essential products, such as feminine hygiene items, water, fuel sustainable and accessible.

Aisling Byrne talked about achieving a circular fashion industry, and how The Nu Wardrobe allows users to share clothes to give them a new lease of life. You can track your impact, build a network of friends and learn from each other, as well as promote ethical fashion.

Craig Melson explained how the WEEE (waste electronics) Fund is changing consumer attitudes to recycling, researching the flow of electrical in the economy and creating a national campaign on e-waste recycling.

A jam-packed evening, exploring the many ways in which we can all make a change.

Thanks to everyone who came along. We hope you had the chance to meet new people and learn from our speakers.

We’d love to know what you thought of the event, and being part of the #YET community as a whole.

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For those of you who couldn’t make it, you can still be part of the conversation at@youequaltech.

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The #YouEqualTech Team


Reena Bhatt

Co-organiser of #YouEqualTech


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