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Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to achieving diversity and inclusion.

Our partners

There are an abundance of organisations and communities out there working towards the same goal. From research to events, we partner with many different individuals and organisations and are always happy to join up to help educate, empower and inspire.

Altogether Different

Altogether Different specialises in building engagement in workplace diversity and inclusion amongst employees – bringing about tangible, practical action.
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Big Fish Academy

The Big Fish D&I Academy is the one place where you can get Diversity & Inclusion training and expert advice aimed at practitioners.
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Code and Stuff

A coding and networking community for women and non-binary developers and code newbies in Manchester with weekly events. 
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Computer Weekly

For nearly a decade, we have published market-leading surveys on a whole host of topics in partnership with Computer Weekly and hosted numerous thought leadership events, attended by 1000s of industry professionals from C-level to junior developers.
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We’re delighted to have partnered with Founders4Schools to celebrate International Women's Day 2019, by producing a publication highlighting inspiring women who are leading some of Britain’s fastest-growing businesses.
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Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a full-stack bootcamp based out of 35 cities in 20 countries, teaching code to creative entrepreneurs over 9 or 24 weeks
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We host monthly meetups and regular thought leadership events to celebrate innovation and connect the dots within our networks, taking a collaborative approach towards a more inclusive industry. To help us capture the essence of these events we are now proudly powered by Seenit.
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Whether you want to sponsor an event, contribute a 'how to' guide or just learn more about we could work together, we'd love to hear from you!