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Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to achieving diversity and inclusion.


We wouldn’t exist without our community of techies! We host monthly meetups and regular thought
leadership events to celebrate innovation and connect the dots within our
networks, taking a collaborative approach towards a more inclusive industry. 

To help us capture the essence of these events through the eyes of our community,
we are now proudly powered by Seenit, a next generation crowd-sourcing video

Seenit is a video collaboration platform that enables organisations to co-create authentic and engaging content with their communities of customers, superfans, or employees.

The app and online platform allows brands to connect and create with relevant people, simply by activating them to use the camera phone in their pocket.

Using Seenit, organisations harness their own global communities and create with those who care most. The platform empowers brands to use community storytelling to create content that deeply resonates with their audiences.

The platform is used by community managers, internal comms teams, marketing teams, broadcasters and publishers to direct and curate video clips created by their community.

The advantages of using Seenit are:

 •    Relatable, relevant content for your audience

 •    Increased video engagement

 •    Scalable, cost effective content production

•    Open and build a dialogue with your community

 •    Tell local stories at a global scale

 •    Complete security and control over content published

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