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We believe in the power of community.

"In 2011 Mortimer Spinks launched the Industry’s first Tech Survey. The insights we have gained from over six years of research has helped us drive actions and spark innovation within our networks. That journey has led us to where we are today, proudly launching #YouEqualTech to continue to affect positive change in the tech industry"

Dania Lyons, Customer Engagement Manager, Mortimer Spinks

We aim to provide content and events on entering and advancing your career in technology and digital.

From bitesize ‘how to’ guides on topics such as 'how to create an inclusive work environment' and 'how to break into and progress in the technology industry' to blogs, monthly meet ups, annual conferences and industry research.

We hope this will enable individuals; tech professionals and business leaders to take action and create positive change, leading to a diverse and inclusive technology and digital industry for all.

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Here are your how to guides

We collaborate to create ‘how to’ guides on working towards diversity and inclusion in technology.

In the form of blogs, podcasts, webinars and video; the aim of each piece of content is to provide bitesize, easily digestible guidance for readers on how to take the steps needed as either an individual or a business leader. 

Boosting innovation through diversity and inclusion.

Will tomorrow’s global innovations come from doing things the same as we did today? Talking to the same people? Re- hashing the same ideas?

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Developing a business case for D&I

For many of us, a diverse and inclusive workplace is a must for generating creativity, encouraging authenticity and in turn fostering well-being. Not to mention supporting equality, fairness and a socially-aware outlook on the world.

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Interview With: Lola Olaore - A member of the Mayor’s Digital Pioneers network.

Lola is a Technology Analyst for a global consulting firm and is a member of the Mayor’s Digital Pioneers network. She is taking an active role in supporting the Mayor’s Digital Talent programme as she is passionate about inspiring her peers to pursue a career in technology.

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Exclusion Hurts: Here’s How To Put Inclusion First

When YouTube originally launched the video upload feature for iOS, upwards of 10% of videos were uploaded upside-down. Developers were baffled. What went wrong? Did users just not know how to record videos correctly?

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Whether you want to sponsor an event, contribute a 'how to' guide or just learn more about us, we'd love to hear from you!