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We believe in the power of community.

"We launched our YouEqualTech community back in 2011to understand how Diverse and Inclusive the tech world really was at that point in time. So, we created our first D&I survey– which became annual – and, quickly realised that some work needed to be done within our sector from a D, E and I perspective. This then led organically on to our YouEqualTech events where, the Spinks’ team invite a cross-section of people, all experts in the Diversity and Inclusion agenda to share insights, their journey’s, how our partners promote D&I best practices, how to implement a great D&I strategy and so much more."

LAra Hanson,
Spinks Associate Director & YET Ambassador

We aim to provide content and events on entering and advancing your career in technology and digital.

From bitesize ‘how to’ guides on topics such as 'how to create an inclusive work environment' and 'how to break into and progress in the technology industry' to blogs, monthly meet ups, annual conferences and industry research.

We hope this will enable individuals; tech professionals and business leaders to take action and create positive change, leading to a diverse and inclusive technology and digital industry for all.

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A selection of our insights

We have collated a variety of insights that work towards diversity and inclusion in technology.

The aim is to provide content for the community, sharing journeys and stories from industry leaders.


Whether you want to sponsor an event, contribute a 'how to' guide or just learn more about us, we'd love to hear from you!