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All about Wednesday night...

So this week, we opened up the discussion on ‘Where Business Meets Impact: The Future of Responsible Entrepreneurship’, and were lucky enough to hear many views and insights from our speakers.

First of all, a huge thank you to Iwoca for welcoming us all into your incredible venue and hosting the event.

Thank you to Lara Gilman (Iwoca), Cynthia Davis (BAME Recruitment), Ash Ali (Uhubs) and Wai-Foong (Matchable), who shared a goldmine of useful tips, advice and personal stories with us. Here’s what we touched on:

• Lara discussed how new ideas get to traction and the impact of process in reaching your goals as an entrepreneur. “Learn from others’ processes.”

• Cynthia shared her journey in becoming an entrepreneur and founding Diversifying. “As an entrepreneur It is difficult and tough but is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.”

• Ash shared tips from over 20 years of experience in creating and growing startups and spoke on his journey in becoming Co-Founder of Uhubs. “One of the most important things of becoming an entrepreneur is understanding why you are doing it."

You can purchase Ash's book, The Unfair Advantage here.

Access to a free Uhubs taster session here. (Use promocode: upskillwithuhubs)

• Foong spoke about her transition from being a Tax Director to making the leap into startups and becoming the founder of Matchable. “If you are thinking of doing something that speaks to you, go for it!”

Thank you to everyone who came along. It was great to network and see some new faces too. Welcome to #YouEqualTech!

Let us know what you thought of last night’s event, and being part of the #YET community as a whole.

Tell us your thoughts here.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, you can still be part of the conversation at @YouEqualTech.

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Look forward to seeing you all soon!

The #YouEqualTech Team


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