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Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to achieving diversity and inclusion.

Tech & the Future of Learning

We absolutely loved collaborating with Lovelace Digital and Natural History Museum to explore the Tech & the Future of Learning.

Massive Thanks to Celena Bretton, Sophie Deen, Germán Bencci and Dr Jess Wade for sharing your passion, knowledge and experience with us. We all went home thinking about the changes we can make within the tech industry to inspire the younger generation.

Thanks to Rachael Fernandes for all of your help in co-ordinating this event - we couldn't have done it without your help - you are amazing!

To everyone who came along - thank you! We really appreciate your support and love that the #YouEqualTech community is growing in knowledge and power, as well as in numbers!

Of course, we can't post this without a shout out to the amazing Kayleigh McHale - an amazing host, organiser and woman in Tech!

Lovelace Digital kindly put together some incredible key takeaways from the event. Whether you were unable to make it, or just wanted a reminder of all the great things the speakers discussed, you can read them here:

Key Takeaways from the event


Kayleigh McHale

Co-Founder of #YouEqualTech


Rounding up the circular economy...

Key insights from our meetup with Tech For Good, focussing on Powering the Circular Economy.

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The Art of Failing Fearlessly - watch the event

What an evening?! We laughed, we cried and we definitely learnt a lot from our incredible speakers. A massive Thank You to Anusha Nirmalananthan, Chris Newton, Lina Chan and Julie Fedele for sharing your inspiring stories and allowing us all to experience the roller-coaster ride you went through to achieve success and happiness. You can all watch the recording of the event here.

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The Power of Community; You Equal Tech @ Monzo

Here we are, 2019, at the first meet-up of the year and what an incredible evening the You Equal Tech event turned out to be. The event’s theme was ‘the power of community’, everyone here was part of our You Equal Tech community and the evening served, in an entirely egoless manner, to tell everyone the importance of communities like this and how they can really empower individuals and even expediate your career.

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