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Hiring The Next Generation Of Tech Talent: Breaking Barriers To Entry

Hiring The Next Generation Of Tech Talent: Breaking Barriers To Entry

Are you keen to get into tech but just don’t know how?

Are you looking to diversify your talent pool?

Are you scaling at pace and are struggling to keep up with hiring?

Then this one is for you!

Although the UK technology industry has been supercharged with investment post-pandemic, it can still feel like an exclusive club and not everybody gets to be part of it.

We’re here to change that! By breaking the barriers to entry for anyone wanting to start a career within technology.

You'll be hearing from:

Keynote Speaker — Olivia Winteringham

"From theatre to technology - the cross-over is closer than you think."

She will be sharing her perspective on breaking the stereotypes of what capability looks like in the tech sector.

After spending 13 years as co-artistic director of a theatre company touring various productions, Olivia wanted to stir up her career path and retrained as a Santander UX senior consultant for Innovation Hub.

She'll be sharing her experience with us — and how she was able to successfully make this major career switch from theatre to tech.

Olivia's talk is going to be great if you're someone who doesn't think technology is for them (or for you), or if you're a recruiter trying to get a sense of what's on offer from candidates beyond those with a Computer Science degree.

Sound good? Then join us on Thursday 11th May at 6 pm for an IN-PERSON panel discussion and advice on breaking down the barriers when hiring in the tech sector.

📍 Location: 3 Noble St, London EC2V 7EE

Have questions? Contact us at and we'll do our best to answer.

With diversity and inclusion at the forefront of #YouEqualTech, our goal is to connect the technology industry to the outside world. Through learning, sharing initiatives and having the opportunity to hear stories from inspirational and diverse role models, we can help drive positive change.


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