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Coming together to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Hiring the next generation of Tech Talent

Are you scaling at pace and are struggling to keep up with hiring?

Then this one is for you!

Although the UK technology industry is continually rapidly growing and there are shortages of Tech talent, it can still feel like an exclusive club and not everybody gets to be part of it.

We’re here to change that! By breaking the barriers to entry for anyone wanting to start a career within technology.

You will hear from a range of speakers from businesses who offer those entry opportunities through training and development, to people who have achieved their goal of getting into tech the untraditional way and will share their journeys. Panellists announced SOON!

We want this to be an event where you feel part of a community and comfortable to share your stories and experience, it will be very much an interactive evening between attendees and panellists!

Sound good? Then join us on Thursday 16th February at 6pm for an IN-PERSON panel


Whether you want to sponsor an event, contribute a 'how to' guide or just learn more about us, we'd love to hear from you!