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Data for Good: Unlocking the power of data for social impact

It’s an important time for our data - you only have to look at recent press on election meddling, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica... as well as new GDPR legislation and our “right to be forgotten”.To balance it out a little, we’re teaming up with Concentra on 24th May, to shine a light on some inspiring people who are leading the way in Data, with a focus on the power of data for positive social change - “data for good”.

We’ll be joined by an incredible panel who’ll be talking to us about data that’s being used to solve challenging real-world problems. For example, data that’s driving the next generation of smart cities, or enabling the creation of tools for earlier diagnosis of illness.Our panel will share their stories on what they’ve achieved, the challenges they’ve faced - and how they’ve overcome those challenges.

We’ll consider the wide range of paths people take towards a career in data - as well as the big data hype and the potential for social impact that data can have in the right hands.As usual, our industry experts will focus on sharing key pieces of actionable advice learned through their own experience - for our community to think about, take away with them and start working on.

Panel to be announced shortly!!


• 6.30pm - Arrive, grab yourself a drink and find a seat

• 7pm - Panel discussion, followed by discussion with the audience

• 8.15pm - More drinks, nibbles and networking

• 9.30pm - FinishSend your questions for the panel, or follow the event feed using #YouEqualTech

There'll be free food and drink and we'll be catering according to numbers, so please let us know if your RSVP changes!Any questions, just shout - we're looking forward to seeing you all at Concentra!


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