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Check your balance: Diversity & Inclusion in FinTech

Fintech is now worth £7 billion to Britain's economy and employs 60,000 people.These businesses are changing the way we move, save and borrow money - both at home and globally.

Disruption in the finance industry is hugely important – as tech allows for a deeper understanding of customer needs, better accessibility, increased convenience and products tailored to individual needs.In an industry pivotal to the daily lives of so many people, it’s crucial that all of society is represented - and involved - in the creation of innovative products and platforms.

Our panel will be made up of FinTech leaders and champions of diversity – who’ll be sharing key pieces of actionable advice learned from their own experience.We’ll consider the wide range of paths people into FinTech - as well as the potential for tech to make finance more inclusive.As usual, our industry experts will focus on sharing actionable tips and hacks for getting the most from your career.


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